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Commercial projects

Commercial design is very critical where one deals with limited and expensive spaces. The challenge involved here is one has to respect the nature of the business at one end and the aesthetics of the entire premise at the other.

It is with this responsibility that we take up projects and make our presence felt in the client’s lives through sensitivity, sensibility and creativity. We are overwhelmed when they put their faith in us and expect them to give us all the freedom required to create a space, which is unique in its design and precise in its functions.

We are very selective of the projects that we plan, as we understand that designing a residence is an intricate process and require a great deal of attention and detailing. We restrict ourselves in terms of the number of projects, to ensure that each project is developed with constant study, ample ideas, and design skills along with intense personal involvement in all parts of the design and construction. We nurture each project to create a beautiful home. Functionality, usability, context and concept of the design are the secrets of successful practice at VGA.

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